SAVEMNF uses donations (monetary, time, advocation) for self -suffiency and rebuilding ecosystems and communities affected by political violence and exploitation of natural resources


SaveMNF utilizes native people’s traditions and applies a modern Western touch to bring communities to the world stage while honoring their cultures.


SAVEMNF uses the internet as a global stage and tool for gathering people for advocating native sovereignty and ecological preservation. We want to bring indigenous cultures to the world stage while maintaining cultures but making viable contenders in the world market on THEIR OWN ACCORD.

Our Causes

Help Miskitu People

Help Miskitu People

Thank you for taking the time to help bring back the dignity, self-reliance, ecological and environmental preservation of the Native Miskitu traditions and culture. Now we move forward with the re-education and development into the modern world. Donation form  

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USA and UN Silent

USA and UN Silent

The Sandinista Government, The United Nations, China, HKND, Canada, Venezuela, U.S. Aid and Euro Solar organizations are in cahoots with pretentious emergency aid projects which have instead depleted the Miskitu Nation of their natural resources in place of helping to restore their livelihood. These projects have destroyed the ecosystem of the Miskitu Territory (which includes […]

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How can you help?

MNF relies on donations to provide empowerment, development, preservation of our ancient native written languages, mathematics & culture merging, life-enhancing technology, and homeopathic ancient wisdom being a model for meaningful changes and education in other indigenous and global communities.

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Tolerance breaks and understanding is forever! We now move forward educating, learning and comprehending one and other as we develop into an enlightened loving modern world.

education, Crisis Relief, Economical Sovereignty
Press and International Advocacy
Culture Preservation
Fundraising, events, and outreach

What will you find in our store?

Original artwork documenting the beauty and suffering of a nation under siege. Artist and Miskitu Matriarch, Reverend Josephenie Hendy Clarence Robertson has spent many years in exile as a political refugee in Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala and finally the United States. Many of these pieces were part of the journey which she created some 58 years ago (and counting) during her exile.

at: https://savemnf.org/miskitu-matriarch…

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Our Blog

The Miskitu Library was burned to erase the memory of a nation. A subhuman stereotype of the Miskitu Nation was created. We want to share a little of the history we know to be true on this blog. Contrary to the outrageous popular racist name calling and conduct of those times for the Miskito Kingdom, the critical years were 1849-1850. At that time, Ephraim George Squier, a key figure in the developing field of American Anthropology, and ardent opponent of the British and the Miskito, had been appointed U.S. Charge d’Affaires for all Central America to negotiate treaties with Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. He adapted the idea of Manifest Destiny to Central America, an adaptation that envisioned “dual colonialism.
     Mr. Squire continued his insight and prejudice of classifying human beings as subhuman in the region by his remarks, “The nearest approach to a nomad life is found among the mongrel savages of ‘Moscos’ or ‘Mosquitos’, on what is known as the ‘Mosquito Shore’. They are a mixed breed of negroes and Indians, and,   ….doomed to extinction.–  
We will not allow this to come to pass. Together we can erase the remains of a hate mongering past, one human tragedy at a time. We can heal and truly have a future where all human beings, ecology, and environment and technology flourish.
The past is only in the past when it no longer affects our present,
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