History Part 1: Plight of the Miskitu Nation in exile and at Home

A Memoir and History of the Struggle of the Miskitu Nation and their Matriarch Reverend Josephenie E. Hendy Hebbert Clarence Twaska De-Robertson

By Gary Mitchell, Grin Olsson, E.V.H. Fleurima, Saycsar Fleurima


Beginning in the 1970’s, the Miskitu people joined the fight for freedom. They fight to protect themselves from Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista Army. This army is dedicated to the extermination of the indigenous people of the Atlantic Caribbean Coast. Mosquita consists of a large land mass from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans. This is a rich land filled with natural resources. World Courts have held that this land belongs to the Miskitu people. World scholars have made studies confirming this fact. It has also been established that these people are not Savages- they have their own language, mathematics, and philosophical values.

The Miskitu are at one with the earth. Their belief is that Mother Earth provides. They make it their responsibility to be good stewards of her provision. As stewards of the land, they strive for an ecological and environmental system that is in balance with modern technology and human progress. When they cut down one tree they plant five more.

They care for their water and sewage supply. The Miskitu people stand in opposition to the desires of Daniel Ortega and Honduran forces. They oppose the injustice of selling off this land. Mr. Ortega and all who support him have no concern for how the land is to be used. This violates their beliefs at their core.

When the benefactors of freedom, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr., withdrew their support of freedom and international justice they turned their backs on the Contra and the Miskitu warriors. The United Nations made a peace offering to the Contra and the Miskitu Warriors. They offered colonization whereby the U.N. would police the relations with Mr.Ortega and his Nicaraguan FSLN government. We were told we would have no need for weapons. The Miskitu people in good faith jumped at the offer taking the U.N. at its word. They believed this would end their need to fight and kill and they could return to living a peaceful life.We fought alongside the Contra’s for our survival. The fight was not about power or acquired riches. We fought for our own preservation, our families our freedom and the protection of our Mother Earth. All we were pursuing was the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that honest communication and understanding can build true freedom that fulfills the promise of a democratic nation.

This dream of peace has become their current nightmare. The Miskitu people face extermination and the complete destruction of their homeland. They face this grim plight because of Daniel Ortega and the Honduran forces.

When the people try to leave they are shot by the Sandinista soldiers.

Our organization sent two and one-half tons of food to offer aid to the people. Mr. Ortega will not allow us to deliver the food. Women and children are forced into the Waspam Rio Coco River and made to live there like cattle. This river is filled with dead fish, worms, and bacteria. When the people try to leave they are shot by the Sandinista soldiers. These are the illegal settlers currently on the Miskitu Territory. We have first-hand video evidence of this situation. This is their reality.

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