History Part 5: Our plight begins with International Treaties Affecting the Miskitu Kingdom

History Part 5: Our plight begins with International Treaties Affecting the Miskitu Kingdom

Many times historians, nations, governments and victors of war saturate the real truth of a matter. They use stories to conceal, lie and deprive people and nations of their rights. The European nations, particularly Great

Britain had a military and government strategy of “divide and conquer” horrible applications and happenings have occurred to the Miskitu Nation. The conquerors saturated the records with never-ending false stories. The actual results tell a sad story over the very same conquered peoples, nations, and regions. One issue that is not mentioned by the Nicaraguans, Hondurans,

Costa Ricans, Spain or Great Britain is an issue that was forcibly imposed upon the Miskitu people… Miskitu people is correct spelling and pronunciation and spelling Miskito and Mosquitia (is Spaniard/English). Nicaraguan is Nicaragua and Mosquitia/Miskitu is a sovereign nation. Mosquitia was a kingdom with land and water stretching from Columbia to Belize. In 1500 Columbus arrived and was defeated by the Miskitu warriors. The Miskitu were never conquered by the Spaniards. We have always had our own written language, math, ship makers and homeopathic sciences.

We had democracy before the word was invented and were never conquered by the Spaniards or anyone. We held on to our culture and language and are known as fierce warriors to date. We are a Mixture of African, Japanese, Chinese, Cushite, Olmec, and Mayan. Later, Moor, European and the escaped kidnapped people known as slaves.

There are many tribes: Pech, Guarifanos, Sumu (Japanese),Tawaska, Miskitu (Dominant), Creole, Rama,Kukras, Waika, Zambos,Prinzapolka, and Lacas Nani (all tribes had their kings). In the beginning, they all were at war against one. It was then decided to live in peace as one nation united by one language. They, in their own tribes, spoke amongst themselves and learned about one another through breeding, trade and social things. The first King was named Boopam. He ruled in the 900’s (before the arrival of Europeans and the coronation of King (George I). The Nicas (tribe) were the only ones that did not join the Miskitu United Nation. They were dominated and conquered by the Spaniards and were later given Mosquitia as an annex by the United States, England, and Spain, through false treaties.

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