Fundraiser Old Man


Our nation is brilliant! We just need a chance to exhibit and exploit our own selves and bring out our contribution to the world, not end up refugees and immigrant in lands strange and discriminating towards us. Even if we were damned fools, one can’t just decide kill and erase something or something/someone that has materialized, born, sprouted on to the earth, it’s time to bring our humanity to an age of maturity and wisdom and stop destroying ourselves, the planet and hope.

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We want the world informed, we’d like petitions signed, we are capable of being self-sufficient, we are not asking for a handout, we are rich in agriculture and all worldly precious stones and seafood. We don’t mind sharing as long as you also understand our cultures combined in the Miskitu nation respect the earth. We demand our birthright, to be treated with dignity and the ceasing of the genocide on our nation!

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