The U.N. deceived us, and now we are without defense

The U.N. deceived us, and now we are without defense

My people need urgent help!

Seems the U.N. deceived us, and now we are without defense. The people have no guns with which to defend themselves from the militarily-armed “settlers” from neighboring countries, seeking to take the riches of our land for themselves. The clear aim of the invaders from Nicaragua so far has been to kill and main the breadwinners. Correcting the lack of accessible education and building a harmonious environment to learn in will greatly help in preventing the Miskitu children from turning to child prostitution and drugs to earn money for the family, since their fathers are maimed, crippled, or killed. We have never asked for a handout. We are wealthy in natural resources and can be a great nation merging ancient culture, homeopathy, modern science, technology (through learning) and preserve our mother earth protective culture. We do ask for a hand UP right now.

We are a rich nation, being oppressed and sabotaged by a neighboring government that has sworn to “eliminate every last Miskitu so long as the Atlantic Coast is Sandinista (General Borges and Daniel Ortega)”.


Please be so kind as to advise and contact us on how to get neutral-minded doctors there who are willing to help?

People around the world often speak of how they would help the oppressed, and would not allow an indigenous people to suffer under tyranny if they could turn back time. Now is the time, before history repeats itself.

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