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MNF relies on its board members, supporters and donations to provide social programs that restore the dignity, ancient traditions, and community histories integral to Miskitu indigenous peoples’ identity, social and self-reliant continuity.

Fostering Hope, Trust, and Self-reliance: 
Self-interested individuals, organizations, and industrialist have swept through the Miskitu Coast preying on the hopes and needs of the under-served indigenous peoples.

Illegally mining the rich soil of private territories, poisoning rivers with mining byproducts such as arsenic, deforestation driven by the lumber industry, have created a crisis of internal refugees.


“I will not stop killing the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean Coast until leaving only stone with the Sandinista System implanted in the entire region.”  -CDTE. Tomas Borge Martinez 1980’s

*Co-Founder of Sandinista National Liberation Front in Nicaragua

*One-time Interior Minister of Nicaragua under President Daniel Ortega.

Government sanctioned Ethnic cleansing, rape, torture, and village raids by Colonos (settlers) have destroyed their non-harming traditions and self-reliance.

MNF provides true, meaningful change on an individual and communal level by providing education, social programs, and opportunity to expand their possibilities for years to come. Each initiative stimulates and reinforces lasting change.


The intention to suppress literacy and invade the territories of indigenous people to exploit its natural resources goes back to 1893. Under the orders of first President José Santos Zelaya, the original Miskitu Library in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua was burned to ashes. This was repeated by President Anastasio Somoza in 1967 when he ordered the private library of Indigenous Prince & historian Andrew Hebbert destroyed.

Schools are in desperate need of refurbishing. Fortunately, technology has allowed us to go digital with libraries and education through satellite classes. In hand selected homes, MNF provides internet access for satellite schools in the eight largest districts of the Miskitu Coast (the outskirts of Bluefields, Bilwi, Waspam, Rio Coco, Monkey Point, Rama, and Prinzapolka). Through MNF, educators and community leaders are receiving laptops with internet access.    Miskitu History, Culture, and Language are being restored through Homeopathic Studies, Arts, and Music. In addition, English, Spanish, Computer/Internet skills, Writing, Math, Sciences, Economics and Theater and Dance are actively being taught.

Photo Cejudhcan


We have implemented an agricultural relief project to repair the damaged ecosystem caused by industrialization, deforestation, and intimidation tactics (such as arson to force original people off their farmlands).  Restoring the soil, planting organic, naturally occurring, non-GMO crops, until the agriculture yield is steady enough to become a form of self-reliance.

Farmers will be part of a collective, enabling them to rent equipment, take out small business loans and profit share. After a healthy harvest, 20% of his/her profit goes to other farmers in need.

Your donations help plant beans, rice, ginger, mangos, mint, melons, potatoes, tomatoes, pineapple, cocoa, reforestation and hemp (for fabric, textile, plastic alternatives, fuel, and building materials).

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Currently, there are only two hospitals in deplorable condition in the entire Miskitu Nation. Access is limited, hitching rides or long treks on foot are required.  Many in grave condition die end route. Wound care is the highest level of assistance delivered to victims. A revival of traditional healers and medicine has become the standard point of care.

We are attempting to close the Health Care Gap in Miskitu territories.  The goal of MNF is to allow a hybrid of traditional and modern medicine by providing pop-up clinics in areas of devastation. These pop-up clinics rely on volunteer clinicians to provide care, ranging from light training on first aid, preventive screenings, condition-specific treatment, counseling for sex education, trauma and prenatal care for a little-to-no cost to patients.

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We have distributed cameras and laptops to elder members of villages under attack in order to document their strife first hand.  The result has been unbiased, authentic footage straight from the source. Posting their stories to social media outlets have made a difference in the information pipeline. We encourage you to research their accounts: #miskitu #nativelivesmatter


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This website was created for the empowerment and self-determination of the inhabitants of the Miskitu/Mosquitia Nation.